Food in Langkawi Island

Malaysia is well known as peaceful country with unique and diversify culture among their own citizen.Interestingly they blend and mix perfectly as no other part of the world have this wonderful scene.As a prove, we could see Malay,Chinese and Indian love each other food.Popular food that many like to eat are ‘Nasi Ayam’ (chicken rice),Roti Canai,Nasi Lemak and many other food although the food is not their traditional food.

Geographically, Langkawi is situated at northern region of Malaysia and many of  its food influenced by Thailand’s culinary.This blend make the culture more richer than before.Finding traditional food nowadays sometime is difficult because it slow and abundance of fast food makes the traditional food forgotten by youngsters.In Langkawi there are many places that serve good and tasty food such as night market,restaurant,food court and many more.

Here I list out the unique and tasty food that can be found in Langkawi :-

Pulut Durian

This food can be found during Durian’s season.Sometime, Manggo can also be substitute to Durian.
How to Eat :-
Pour the coconut milk onto the glutenous rice.Grab the Durian and eat it with the rice.
Taste :-
Sweet of Durian and creamy of glutenous rice with coconut milk.
Place to find :-
Night market ( only in northern region and almost impossible to find in sourthen part of Malaysia).

Moi Soup

Moi Soup is most popular in northern part of Malaysia. Influenced by Thai dishes.
How to eat :- If you like how and spicy just pour on the chilly or ketchup sauce as what you prefer.You should eat it while its still hot.
Taste :-
Depends on shop or restaurant that serve the dishes.Mostly its taste like porridge in soup.
Place to find :-
Pasar malam, restaurant, local shop


Interesting about Laksa is, almost every state have its own Laksa.The different in those Laksa is the ingredients such as fish use for gravy,style,noodle and other addition ingredient.
How to eat :-
If you buy from pasar malam (night market),pour all the ingredient in a bowl and mix it.
Taste :-
Depends on shop or restaurant,sometime a bit spicy but Laksa Kedah mostly taste sour as they use asam gelugor (tamarind peel).
Place to find :-
Pasar Malam (night market),restaurant,local shop.

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