Pasir Hitam Beach

“Some two km west of Tanjung Rhu is Pantai Pasir Hitam or Pasir Hitam Beach, a beach streaked with black sand. The black streaks are caused by the deposits of mineral oxides from a nearby spring.”

Some two kilometres west of Tanjung Rhu is Pantai Pasir Hitam (Black Sand Beach). Although not completely black, the sand on this beach is steaked with black, believed to be caused by the mineral oxide deposits that originate from a nearby spring. This is not a very long stretch of beach and as the area is dotted with large boulders, it does not make for a very good place to swim. But along the beach there is a jetty where fishing boats moor. It is a quiet place, suitable for some peaceful meditation and a bit of book reading.

Attractions at the site include food and souvenir stalls that sell local crafts and trinkets. Close by, there is also the Kompleks Budaya Kraf (Craft Cultural Complex) that you might want to check out.


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