Padang Matsirat

A place you can find in the history book. Padang Matsirat or the ‘field of burnt rice’ is the place where villagers torched the paddy fields to prevent Siamese invaders from getting the rice grains.

Padang Matsirat is also known as the Padang Beras Bakar (field of burnt rice) an area of historical significance. History has it that in 1821, villagers in this area deliberately torched the paddy fields here to prevent Siamese invaders from getting the rice grains for their own use. The invasion of the Siamese army is said to tie to the curse that Mahsuri (see entry for Makam Mahsuri) placed on Langkawi before she died. Although not much is there to be seen today, locals around this area maintain that to this day, every now and then, heavy rain sometimes brings traces of black grains of burnt rice to the surface.

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  1. Assalam…
    Langkawi, panas tempatnya. Dulu masa sekolah ada buat rombongan ke sana. Balik je terus suara tak ada..sama panas macam kat Perlis.Tahun 2008 pi sana, ok sikit. Teringin nak pi lagi. Dulu rasanya makam mahsuri tak kena bayaran tapi la ni dah kena bayar kan? Nak melawat kubur pun kena bayar ke?

    1. Langkawi mmg panas sbb kat tgh2 rata2 belah utara mmg panas..hehe..kalo x biasa mmg leh demam

      Skang ni makam tu dah dimodenkan..bayaran dikenakan untuk penari tradisional dan pekerja2 yg menjaga di situ..dlm 5 rnggit rasanya kalo x silap.. 🙂

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