Oriental Village , Langkawi

Langkawi Oriental Village is located right next to the well-known Langkawi Cable Car. In fact, it serves as the entrance to the Langkawi Cable Car. Before venturing further, visitors will first being welcomed by the buildings – which are mostly painted in red and bright yellow. It is built upon the concept of “contemporary” village that aims to promote Asian architecture.

After a short walk, you will see a classic building in bright yellow that is situated right in front of the entrance to Langkawi Cable Car. It is the Geopark Hotel (formerly known as Oriental Inn Resort) that is located in the Langkawi Oriental Village itself.

Surrounded by greenery and flowers, the resort is being built in a classic manner, slightly similar to English houses. Well-furbished with 30 rooms, the resort will offer you a great stay with an affordable rate.

This place is indeed a good location to take beautiful and scenic pictures. The buildings and shops within the compound are being constructed in a classic manner, with little touches of English and French designs. In the middle, you will see a lotus pond with small fountain.

The setting here pretty much resembles the old ancient Chinese house – where a classic red bridge is built across the pond, allowing you to enjoy the pond view in a better way.

Walking around the Langkawi Oriental Village will be a pleasurable one. Benches are provided and are located around the pond and pathway, letting you to take a rest before continuing your visit here. Apart from that, the weather is always fresh where you can feel light breeze blowing to your face. Probably this is due to it being surrounded by the natural ambience of Mount Mat Chinchang and Seven Wells nearby.

You will be surprised by what you can find in Langkawi Oriental Village. Apart from all the Asian architecture that somehow has some Western touches, it has nothing much to do with cultures but it is a duty free shopping and gastronomic heaven! Here, it has approximately 30 duty free shops, selling products such as liquor, tobacco, chocolates and handicrafts that are best to be given away as souvenirs. You can even find the famous duty free shopping chain – the Zon Duty free shop here!

In addition, it is also a good place to get yourself some branded stuffs at a relatively lower price. There is a specific shop, located adjacent to the entrance that sells leather goods and apparel of famous brands such as Guess and Zegna. Though the merchandise here might not be the latest and the selection might be limited, try spending some time lingering around the shop and you will probably find something at a good deal.


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