Langkawi Snake Sanctuary

“One of Langkawi’s latest attractions is its Snake Sanctuary”

The Snake Sanctuary houses a wide variety of colourful snakes found throughout Malaysia, in an environmentally friendly area. This latest attraction in Langkawi is located about 12 km from town in the Tok Senik Resort in Ulu Melaka district. The sanctuary features thousands of species of poisonous and non-poisonous snakes endemic to Malaysia.

Designed as an educational tourism facility, a visit to the Snake Sanctuary is especially interesting for school children who get an opportunity to learn about these reptiles and their behavioural characteristics. The sanctuary’s main attractions are the six habitat-friendly terrariums housing thousands of snakes.

Other attractions at the Snake Sanctuary include an Information Centre which contains an exhibition and Multimedia Display area. Here, the public is exposed to an audio-visual experience of reptilian life. Within the complex is an Amphitheatre where shows are held daily in which experts show their skill in handling snakes. There is also an area where members of the public can touch or feel the snakes under the supervision of keepers and a souvenir shop.


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