Ibrahim Hussein Museum

“This is a non-profit cultural foundation established in 1991 by a local artist, Ibrahim Hussein. Besides the artist’s own works, the museum collect works by other prominent artists from around the world”

The first phase of the Ibrahim Museum Cultural Foundation was completed in late 1998, turning the artist’s dream into reality. It is faithful to its original concept of having a structure that blends right into the environment, a subtle structure within the Machinchang Forest Reserve. Six out of 14 plan modules have been built, providing 16,000 square feet of enclosed area over two levels, with an entrance portico and circular forecourt, led in via a driveway that winds through the Machincang forest reserve.

The inaugural exhibits tested the scale and ambience of the galleries and revealed the strength of the artist’s art and commitment to this new estate in Langkawi – a unique coalition of creative life force and environment – which set a pace and standard for other works and future displays.


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