Gunung Machinchang

“If you look hard at Gunung Machincang located at 700m above sea level, you can actually see it is smiling to its 850m high neighbour, Gunung Raya (the island’s highest mountain).”

According to folklore, these two mountains together with Bukit Sawar (Sawar Hill), a smaller mountain, were all human beings at one time. Such good friends they were that they all shared the same martial arts ‘guru.’ As the story goes, Mat Cincang’s daughter was engaged to Mat Raya’s son. However, due to some differences in opinion, they quarrelled.

As the wedding day approached, things became worse between the two childhood friends. Even their fathers fought with each other. Several pots and pans, plus other kitchen utensils were sent flying at each other’s family.

One day, a pot of curry flew through the air and landed on a place now known as Belanga Pecah (Broken Cooking Pot). The gravy from the broken pot seeped into the ground at Kisap and stopped at Kuah (Gravy), Langkawi’s capital.

Even the pot of hot water was sent flying. As a result, the water fell to the ground at Air Hangat (Hot Springs) while the pot itself with its ring handles fell into Selat Cincin (the Straits of Rings). The straits now separates Langkawi from Terutau Island in Thailand.

Eventually, Mat Sawar was able to stop the fight and both Mat Raya and Mat Cincang apologised for the damage incurred. In remorse, they chose to be transformed into mountains, immobile and benign. Soon, Mat Sawar followed suit. If you look at the two mountains today, you will notice that little Mat Sawar Hill is wedged in between, probably to prevent another fight between the two.

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