Dlalang Homestay

5 minutes from jetty point. Besides kuah town area. 20 minutes from airport to our homestay and motel. Very comfortable place. 5 minutes if you are walking for shopping to Hj Ismail Group and town. Very cheap and comfortable.



2 Unit Homestay

  • Airconditioner, freezer, washer machine, kitchen, television, water heater
  • free wi-fi available
  • 10 beds.

10 Unit Chalet

  • Airconditioner,television,
  • free wi-fi available.
  • 3 to 5 beds


Homestay = RM 200 – RM 250 per day
Chalet = RM 80 – RM 100 per day


Lot 333, Kampung Padang Lalang,
07000 Kuah,


Name : Khaznah Yatim
Tel : 019-4171120

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 1 reviews
by Salbiah A Wahab on Langkawi Homestay
photo of chalet & homestays

I wud like to see the homestay and Chalet before making a booking.

27 thoughts on “Dlalang Homestay

  1. saya nak sewa dari 9/12/12 hingga 11/12/12…masih ada kosong tak dan berapa harga nye. kalau boleh skali dengan van sbb sy dtg 12 org. TQ

    1. salam, saya nk sewa homestay pada 29/4/2016 hingga 31/4/2016, anggaran dewasa 9 org, kanak2 2 org ada kekosongan ke? jumlah sewa berapa? terima kasih

  2. saya nak sewa homestay dari 2/9/13 hingga 5/9/13…masih ada kosong tak dan berapa harga nye. kalau boleh skali dengan van sbb sy dtg 9 keluarga dalam 30 org trmasuk kanak2.
    tolong hubungi saya 0193633226. TQ

  3. saya nak sewa dari 1/12/2013 ~ 4/12/2013 kalau ada kosong.kalau boleh sekali dgn van utk ambil kami seramai 13 dewasa dan 6 kanak2 dr airport pd 1/12/13 pkl 9 mlm.tolong email saya badyaacob@gmail.com atau h/p 0192200319.utk harga sewa.TQ

  4. Salam,
    Saya berminat dengan homestay ni sebab ada kitchen and utensils. Saya nak tahu harga untuk check in pada 6 apr-9 aor 2014. adakah homestay ni memang ada 10 katil dan cuma ada 2 buah rumah sahaja. Boleh sertakan contact no.

  5. saya nak sewa homestay dari 7/6/2014 hingga 8/6/2014…masih ada kosong tak dan berapa harga nye. kalau boleh skali dengan van sbb sy dtg 9 keluarga dalam 40 org trmasuk kanak2.
    tolong hubungi saya 092661415. TQ

  6. untuk keterangan lanjut mengenai Dlalang MOtel,anda boleh menghubungi terus owner Dlalang Motel iaitu Puan Khaznah – 0194171120.tq

  7. Salam.
    Sy nak tanya yg 5 bilik tu berapa harga untuk 3 hari 2 malam. wassalam. Tarikh dicadang 6-8 Jun, 2014

  8. Dear admin, greetings to you.

    Any vacant for a family of 12 adults and 6 children? would like to check in on the 27th/11/2014 and check out on the 30th/11/2014.

    preferable near the beach.
    we are a decent family with a good sense of hygiene.
    pls do reply me through my email. will look forward

  9. Hi admin…

    May I know how many rooms are there in the homestay? We are planning to go early December, and we will need 4 rooms, total 10 pax. What will be the house rate for the whole homestay?

    Kindly reply me through email.

    Thanks 🙂

  10. saya nak booking 5 bilik.Cheack in 14hb.Mei dan cheack out 15hb. mei,masih kosong.berapa keseluruhan bayaran?

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